Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, youth coordinator, we are so happy you have taken an interest in Best ChoiceSM Sexual Risk Avoidance program. We are all about experiencing personal freedom to live life to its fullest—so feel free to explore our site and contact us!

The Best ChoiceSM Sexual Risk Avoidance program is designed to empower and equip middle and high school students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices regarding sex and other risk behaviors. With a strong focus on healthy relationships and goal orientation, Best ChoiceSM provides medically accurate, culturally sensitive information and activities to young people at a critical time in their development.

Sexual Integrity-expresses the gift of sexuality throughout life in a true, honest, and excellent way.

It is PROTECTION in childhood, DIRECTION in adolescence & CELEBRATION in adulthood.
Best ChoiceSM sexual integrity and sexual risk prevention programs celebrate the complexity of the whole person. By exploring the sexual aspects of our social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being in a fast-paced, edgy and interactive manner, young people ages 12-18 understand that sex is more than a physical act and are empowered to make the best and healthiest choices.

Best ChoiceSM utilizes a Title V, A-H compliant curriculum designed to serve and empower middle school and high school students with inspiration, motivation, reasons, and skills to support their choice.

Typically presented as a 4-day, 50 minute program, Best Choice SM may be adapted to accommodate different schedules. Topics include sexual integrity, sexually transmitted infections, media influence, goals, risky behaviors, healthy choices, renewed abstinence, and much more.

Best ChoiceSM is available free of charge throughout the greater St. Louis region to public and private high Schools, middle schools, youth groups, churches and other venues.