Why is this program the right fit for our kids?

As a recognized leader in Sexual Risk Avoidance education, this positive youth development approach has been proven to increase the developmental assets of participant youth and focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. We adhere closely to the most successful approaches based on theory, research and measured outcomes, which are now solidly recognized by our nation's Department of Health and Human Services. The Best ChoiceSM Sexual Avoidance program is the preferred choice mandated by MISSOURI state law and is wildly popular with parents, teachers and students.

As a bit of background, sexual education curricula standards have been defined by Missouri state statute. Taken from Statute 170.015

  • ​​“Present abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred choice of behavior in relation to all sexual activity for unmarried pupils because it is the only method that is one hundred percent effective in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional trauma associated with adolescent sexual activity, and advise students that teenage sexual activity places them at a higher risk of dropping out of school because of the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.”

Yes. We have painstakingly developed our curricula to be fully compliant with state law and aligned with the most recognized authorities in the field. The program is 100% medically accurate and all data has been taken from sources like the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Our staff of licensed medical professionals (Physicians and Registered Nurses) have carefully reviewed our content to ensure its accuracy and trustworthiness. The Best ChoiceSM program curricula is built on a firm, scientific, medically sound foundation for the public-school setting.

No, this is not true. Our Best Choice program for public middle and high schools is a completely "silo-ed" program (Best Choice has our own offices, staff, our own website, Facebook page, etc. separated from our faith-based entities). There are no references to religion or faith in our curriculum.

Uniquely, ThriVe offers women's medical services including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and STD testing at no charge to the patient. In the rich tradition of St. Louis' greatest hospitals like St. Luke's, St. Joseph's, Barnes-Jewish, Mercy and St. Mary's, ThriVe provides these top tier medical services to the Greater St. Louis area. And like these great hospitals, our licensed medical team understands that some people lean on their faith during a medical crisis; however, our patient experience is entirely secular unless the patient requests a spiritual component to their care. www.thrivestlouis.org

ThriVe and Best ChoiceSM programs are supported through a variety of funding streams, primarily private donations and foundations. A minority portion of our funding is received through city and state.

Best ChoiceSM is an outcomes-evaluated program, with significant results as recognized from a social science perspective. Students exit our program less likely to negatively impact their GPA through school aged sexual activity, equipped to set healthy boundaries and more likely to have a discussion with their parent/guardian(s) about sex (a key goal for Sexual Risk Avoidance education). The anecdotal evidence for positive impact is overwhelming and the program is wildly popular with students, parents and teachers.

Our Sexual Risk Avoidance Presenters are passionate, high energy, highly trained and skilled facilitators. They "live the lifestyle" themselves and their authenticity and knowledge build a powerful bridge between this challenging subject and our students. Additionally, the curricula are scripted and vetted by licensed medical professionals to ensure efficacy and consistency.

The science-driven evolution to Sexual Risk Avoidance education is now a well-documented and important focus for the federal government & the Department of Health and Social Services and:

  • Uses medically accurate information
  • Implements an outcomes-evaluated approach
  • Teaches the benefits associated with self-regulation; success sequencing for poverty prevention; developing and maintaining healthy relationships; goal setting; and resisting sexual coercion; dating violence, and other youth risk behaviors such as underage drinking or illicit drug use – all without normalizing teen sexual activity
  • Is grounded in widely accepted theories such as the social cognitive theory, the theory of reasoned action, and the theory of planned behavior