The Big Talk

Nearly 70% of first sexual activity occurs at home.

Step 1: Be Informed — Things Really Have Changed!
Step 2: Explain the Risks — What They Don’t Know Can Kill Them!
Step 3: Be Committed — Mixed Messages Don’t Work
Step 4: Stress the Rewards — Abstinence Allows for a Promising Future
Step 5: Be There — Being Present in Mind and Body
Step 6: Build Self-Esteem — Communicating “You Are Special and Significant”
Step 7: Talk About Relationships — How Do I Know When I’m in Love
Step 8: Establish Rules and Boundaries — Freedom within Boundaries
Step 9: Teach Refusal Skills — Learning How to Say “NO”
Step 10: Practice Unconditional Love — What to Do When Nothing Else Works

  • What Can Be Done:
    • Sexual Risk Avoidance Education
    • Parental Involvement at Home
    • Communicate Expectations

  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open:
    • How Do Children Spell Love
    • Ask Open Ended Questions
    • Ask Who, what and how
What Students Are Saying:
What Teachers Are Saying: