Are You A Sexpert?

1. A woman can get pregnant by having sex only once.

2. There are only six sexually transmitted infections.

3. If you use a condom every time you have sex, you won’t have to worry about pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

4. HIV and AIDS are the only incurable STIs.

5. You can tell by looking at a person whether they have an STI.

6. Taking the birth control pill, faithfully, every day will protect you from STIs.

7. HPV (human papilloma virus), an STI, is the leading cause of cervical cancer.

8. Powerful antibiotics can cure genital herpes.

9. In general, a woman’s risk of being infected with an STI is higher than a man’s.

10. Two-thirds of people who have STIs become infected before age 25.

11. Some STIs are hard to detect until they do a lot of damage.

12. Chlamydia will eventually go away on its own.

13. The only thing that is 100% effective against infection is abstinence.